2. Vintage American adjustable swivel office chair, circa 1930.  Domore Chair Company, Elkhart, Indiana.  

    From American Swivel, a curated suite comprised of 8 different American adjustable swivel chairs, circa 1905-1945, each produced by one of the five pioneering American manufacturers who introduced the Machine Age and the industrially - engineered Modern aesthetic into interiors.  

    Info: americanswivel@mossbureau.com

  3. Factory 2.0 Warhol Museum Pittsburgh 

  4. Warhol Museum, Pittsburgh: The Empire Strikes Back 

  5. Les Danseurs du Tailor at Moss Bureau until June 29. Created by Marc Fornes and THEVERYMANY. 


    Marc Fornes and THEVERYMANY at MOSS BUREAU

  7. Murray Moss 1 of 5 Innovators who “redesigned the way we experience art”, per today’s BLOUIN ARTINFO.

  8. saying “Bah! Humbug” to a snowstorm in February #nemo via our Jessica Kagan Cushman jewelry @JKCStudio (at Moss Bureau)

  9. Cathy McClure’s Mickey Hardwired is an enigmatic series of animatronic Mickeys that have been rewired to a single control button.  Beginning in synchronous motion, as the drama unfolds the functional forms of these stuffed animal innards quickly falter and disent spreads as they whirr, click and ratchet further and further out of sync. As we watch the army of self-choreographed cluster and disperse, we begin to attribute individual personalities and relationships into these identical forms. 

     The sets of 12 and 6 are each in a limited edition of 4.

    They are also available as single units in an open edition. mossbureau.com

  10. High tide in Battery Park, New York City -@ScottCohnCNBC.  So it begins….